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out of ALL of mckenna’s characters…. from Gemma to antler to slime girl and such..
her rendition of Rapunzel as modern day Frankie is somehow a character i fell in love instantly with and can never get out of my system. and then I created a whole story for and had a bunch of head canons about. AND is somehow the only character of hers i’ve drawn more than once.. which i weird because i ADORE antler. Anyway i drew Frankie along with a little story with it.

Since Frankie has never been farther out into the city than the Chinese restaurant down stairs. I can see her being convinced by Nicolas to go outside so he can avoid the eyes of her aunt. And as soon as she is outside she instantly drags him around to hundreds of places she always wanted to go to… art galleries,museums, street fairs, and a bar.

(i also had no idea what hair colour she was so i just did what i wanted there sorry if its wrong)

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