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— Sign language should be mandatory in all public schools

1. it would make communication for people who are deaf or mute a whole lot easier

2. It’s universal, so one could be able to communicate with someone who can’t speak your native language because hey you both know sign language.

3. If one has a sore throat and works or is in school and needs to talk. use sign language

4.It would make life a whole lot easier for those who are deaf or mute like oh my god that is the most important part.

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sometimes i need to do some perspective work to remind myself how much i hate building stuff

sometimes i need to do some perspective work to remind myself how much i hate building stuff

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More portfolio stuff. characters from about 2-3 years ago being redesigned. 

It’s a zombie detective and her ghost partner who solve the murders of ghosts and supernatural stuff for a supernatural police department/ detective agency ((when i describe it it sounds kinda Hinabn which is something i do not want it to make people instantly go im sorry))

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so over a year ago i had posted character designs for a pirate story. the designs for the most part have changed. But i’ve been doing a massive amount a storyboarding to use in my portfolio.

I added a new set of storyboards onto the story.

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couldn’t stop myself from drawing a pastel goth Sailor Moon. she’s transparent! also available as a print at society6 //wink wink//

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Graceling dreamcast

Rinko Kikuchi as Katsa and Suraj Sharma as prince po

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But like… a magical school on a train…

just a massive train that has no real destination. and sometimes seems larger than it should. and sometimes seems unending. and the students get really confused when they find 3rd or fourth floors… and it’s like the knight bus where no one can see it and it’ll just speed over mountains and under seas as it traverses the world taking in wizards and witches to teach.

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— I’m planning to open a society6 shop.

what would you want to see in it?

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I wanna read a magazine about brad and angie’s wedding without the god damn magazine calling John “shiloh”… like do some research. have some respect… and stop trying to force a gender on a kid when they and their parents have openly talked about not doing that.

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*whispers* Oc’s doing internet things….

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